Season 3 Episode 28 The West Beverly Class of 1994 were a lucky bunch. The school board passed a resolution requiring uniforms for the next year, their senior year. They were pissed, but didn’t really know what to do about it. Then, like a gift from God, Mel Silver gave the kids some champaign before the prom and Donna got completely bombed. And as we all knew, because they announced it before earlier in the episode, if you get caught drunk at prom you get suspended and are prevented from walking at graduation. In Something in the Air, the Senior class, and the juniors who saw they’re moment and took it, marched on the school board to protest Donna’s punishment and get rid of the uniforms too. They marched out of school during finals, and Brandon lectured Superintendent Eckhart. What a bunch of punks. I feel now, as I did then, every kid that marched out should have been given F’s on those tests and if that prevented them from graduating, then so what. These morons risked having to repeat 12th grade to protect Donna’s right to participate in a ceremony. Not to receive her diploma, she was going to graduate. She just wasn’t going to be allowed to walk. That’s it. She would have missed Andrea’s speech, and what a tragedy that would have been, as Andrea forgot it anyway. The whole thing was preposterous. DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES! DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES! DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES! Yes, she did. And she would have all along. How great would it have been if they’d flunked everyone on their finals and the next year, some of her friends were stuck repeating 12th grade while Donna moved on to California University, all because they were marching for her right to graduate?

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