Season 5 Episode 10. The highest rated episode from Season 5. And for great reasons. Dylan is in a comma, where according the the pop mysticism of the hot red-headed nurse, a battle is going on for Dylan’s soul. Dylan dreams of a room full of the women he’s slept with + Donna. He makes out with about 10 women in a 2 minute scene. Then, his dealer, Uncle Rico, ruins things by having the girls hold him down and trying to shoot him up full of dope. Uncle Rico also pretends to play guitar. Dylan walks down a tunnel past a bum (who is really his dead father) and he keeps hearing the worst line reading in history, “Dylan, if you ever loved me. If you ever WERE my brother.” over and over again. In the real world, Steve and Brandon are playing the interfraternity flag football tournament. Brandon, who refused to join KEG house, is somehow allowed to play. But the event is nearly ruined for Steve by former KEG man and BMOC Rush Sanders. All the guys, including Muntz, love Rush, but Steve has daddy issues. Leave it Brandon to give Steve exactly the pep talk he needed, finishing it up with the most bizarre and awkward, we’re trying to be super cool hand shake ever. As Brandon throws out the horns using his index and pinky fingers. Steve acknowledges by doing the same. They touch finger tips, then touch those fingers to the edge of their tongue. The newly moisten fingers are then used to smooth out the eyebrows. One arm is cocked back and if to throw a football, while the other is extended forward. Then, in unison, they both say, “The Quan. The Burrito. Ha-cha-cha-cha-cha.” They then March forward onto the field of victory. If I was one who could be embarrassed I would sport a pity blush for the men of KEG house who have to follow these two onto the field of play. But, I’m not, so for years, I made people do this with me. This episode has cheese dripping from both the dream state of Dylan McKay and the burrito near the quan that are fueling the men of KEG house. To be better than this episode, it would have to be something special. It is.

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