I found myself in a very interesting situation over the weekend. I went to the Derby Festival Classic in Knight’s Hall Friday night and Freedom Hall Saturday night where the crowd was distributed in roughly the same ratios as Steve Martin’s financial disclosure.

Manager and Agent 30-35% Kentucky Fans
Road Expenses 10-20% Louisville Fans
Development of New Material .00001% Indiana Fans

I didn’t have time to put this in the Rubber Chicken graph that Steve used, but hopefully this will suffice.

Needless to say, I was out numbered and as I walked through the concourse this one thought kept running through my head. “I wonder how many of these people know that I hate them?”

I was surrounded by blue, but rather than feeling intimidated or uncomfortable, I felt excited. A lot of that feeling goes back to my feelings about the Calipari hire, but just as much of it had to do with the excitement of getting to see three of our prize recruits in action against the maybes that make up their recruiting class.

But before I get into how Creek, Hulls and Watford looked on the court I have a couple of UK fan encounters to share.

On Friday night at the Let Us Never Speak of the Dunk Contest Again event as each player was introduced, they ran out onto the floor with a T-shirt to throw out into the crowd. Good Clean Fun.

When Stephan Van Treese, a U of L signee, three his shirt into the crowd it was caught by a UK fan in the first row who immediately threw the shirt all the way across the court and then stepped out onto the court with his arms raised parallel to the floor and his hat turned sideways claiming some sort of victory in a war only he was fighting. In less than 5 minutes I got most accurate picture of a UK fan in his natural habitat, acting in the only way that comes naturally to him, like a total douchebag. I felt the thrill of discovery that Jane Goodall must have felt upon her first encounter with the chimpanzee, of seeing a creature so nearly human in its natural environment.

The second, and equally telling encounter I had with the UK fan was in the men’s room. I was at the urinal closest to the sinks and the UK fan two urinals to my left finished his business, and after not flushing the toilet, walked behind me, toward the sinks and the door that was just past them. I saw him in the mirrors over the sinks pause, look over at the sinks, extend his left hand and wave them off as if they were a waiter offering a refill of coffee that he didn’t particularly like and wanted no part of. He then continued out the door presumably smelling of his own urine.

You stay Classy, Lexington.

More about the actual game later.

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