I’m working on two other posts right now, but I started to get bogged down in slow brain. So, to cure that, and to address the TCU game, I’m putting them on hold for a few to gets this out there before the moment has passed.

Prior to this game I was telling people that I thought we should go 3-4 over our next four games, and I wasn’t so sure the UK wasn’t winable. I haven’t changed my mind, but more about the UK game in a later, vitriol-filled post.

TCU was a Type 1 game. We were supposed to win that one and we did.

The first half was ugly. There was very little good to talk about, but there were a few things worth noting.

Tom Pritchard works his ass off. He ended the game with 9 offensive rebounds and I don’t remember one that didn’t involve fighting for the ball with one or two TCU players. I love his effort and ability. And what big eyes he has!

Matt Roth’s shooting finally looks to be what we were told it should be. He’s been picking it up lately. His stroke looks better, more comfortable. Based on the way our offense has been working as of late, we’re going to need his shooting ability, if we want to be competitive.

Speaking of our offense. Have you ever tried to dribble a football? You drop it on the ground, it kicks off in directions you cannot predict, you run around after it, bent at both the knees and the waist with both of your hands stretched out, fingers straining to get a grip on it.

That’s what it looked like in the first half against TCU? We looked crazed and almost completely out of control.

But for all that sloppiness and general unpleasantness, we only had 8 turnovers in the first half. That is an amazing improvement!

Story’s three at the buzzer was exactly what this team needed; a positive end to a rough half and a chance to start some real momentum.

Which we did to start the second half. We played with more confidence, energy, and skill than we’ve played with all year. It was great to see it all come together that way.

With 2:32 left in the game we were up by 24, and had only turned the ball over 14 times.

What followed is a perfect example of why turnovers are bad. We had five in the next 2:32 and game up 14 points of our lead. Thank the Gods of Kobol that we had enough cushion to still win the game, but this drove me nuts.

I was all set to write about how we got a handle on our turnovers, at least for one game. We showed free throw improvement against Gonzaga, and we were showing turnover improvement against TCU, and the train was set to start rolling with improvements each game until we were playing real consistent basketball, but we ended up with 19 turnovers and you can’t writing glowing praise of 19 turnovers, unless you are writing the pastrie column of the food section.

I think I’ve set myself up as “anti-crowd cheering guy” and there a lot of things that annoy me, but for some reason I find giant cut outs of Snoop Dogg’s head really funny. So Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

And finally to return to form. You guys went 4 and 5 with To-Om Cre-ean. At the end of the game.

“You mean the mob only did me a favor to get something in return? Oh, Fat Tony! I will say good day to you, sir”

The theme song for today’s game is all about the video and all about the first half. Enjoy, cause this is a great song.

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