I will be submitting most of these observations to Duh! magazine as well, but sometimes it’s worth pointing out the obvious.

The Packer Method can be used thusly. The winning percentage for any team that turns the ball over 25 times, shoots 37% from the field and 54.5% from the line is not zero, but it is less than 1%.

It’s real easy to see, so you can check sounds from Nate D-O-Double-G.

I’m going to jump off topic here for a second. I decided to drop a quote from Deeez Nuts. I wanted to make sure I had it right, so I google the line. There’s a website called behindthelyrics.com where the lyrics of songs are posted and people can write insights or interpretations of the lyrics in a comments thread. What possible insights can anyone have into Deeez Nuts. It is my considered opinion that one listen and you can pretty much gather the meaning all on your own, without a group discussion.

But, uh, back to the lecture at hand, perfection is perfected so I’ma let ’em understand. (Sorry, seems like it’s a Death Row kind of day, a Dre Day, if you will).

As was pointed out last night, in between the Jimmy Chitwood and Hoosiers comments, this team is not one with a large margin of error. We are undersized and inexperienced. In order to beat better teams we are going to need to play with fewer errors, shoot better and not leave any points on the free throw line.

The majority of our turnovers last night were caused, not by action on Wake Forest’s part, but by poor decisions and communication on our part. We drove too deep into their defense with no thought as to what we should do next. We knew how to get in there, but we had to exit strategy. We tried to make passes at bad angles, or to people’s feet.

But, there is reason for optimism. All of our mistakes are correctable, and we will learn and improve.

If you would like signs of improvement, how about this. Wake Forest had 22 turnovers and the VAST majority were caused by our defense. We got into passing lanes, deflected the ball and made steals. Our hustle is outstanding.

Wake Forest is a better team than St. Joe’s and we played Wake tougher for longer.

Or how about this, Teague had to have been our defensie focus heading into the game and he didn’t score a point in the first half. The excitement over that is tempered slightly by the fact that everyone else scored on us in the first half, but the guy we were worried about, we contained.

Our 2-3 zone was pretty good. We got beat in tranistion all night, but they are more athletic and if we don’t turn the ball over 25 times, that’s much less an issue.

I know that Tijan Jobe is raw, and I’m sure the coaching staff is having no trouble getting him to work, but if they are, they should put the video of he and Finkelmeier going up for the same rebound, and Finkelmeier coming down with it on a constant loop. If he can’t be shamed into working harder after seeing that, there’s no hope for him.

And finally, the song of the game. It came down to a toss up between anything by Dr. Dre and this song. It’s such an obvious choice, I’m almost ashamed to have made it, but as I don’t believe in shame, I present the following for your approval.

And that is the first time anyone has ever referenced Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Steely Dan and Billy Packer in the same posting. And God willing, the last.

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