I haven’t been to Assembly Hall for a basketball game in a few years, not since they’ve installed the super-shiney noew scoreboard in fact. I only mention it because if you never saw a game there prior to the new scoreboard set-up, this won’t make as much sense to you, but imagine if you will.

As a student, when I got my season tickets, here’s how it used to work. You would get eight games. Four of them were good seats, i.e. lower level or floor seating,, and four bad seat games. Mostly that meant balcony. What you never wanted to see on your stub was sections A, F, G, or M above roughly row 36. This would put you on the main level, but high enough up that you were under the balcony. You could see the game, but you’d have to ask the guy three rows down what the score was.

Now, imagine sitting in those seats, and then being forced to shut your eyes every 20 or 30 seconds.

That’s roughly what it was like watching the IU v. Anderson game on the Big Ten Networks live streaming on Friday.

There were no announcers calling the game, which I didn’t really mind so much. Just having the crowd noise and Chuck Crabb made it feel more like being there. There were also no graphics, which meant no score or clock information. After about the first two minutes I had no idea what the score was.

Add to all that wonderful-ness, the streaming was terrible. It was choppy, sometimes it would freeze completely (mostly when we had the ball and were about to score), then it would fast forward the action or just jump forward, there was a strange lag between the audio and the video, so that you would be watching one thing and hear Chuck Crabb call another.

I have no idea how well we played on Friday, and it pisses me off.

Would the Big Ten Network do something for me? I’ll even give you a few choices.

1.) Put the games on TV

2.) Failing that, add the score to the feed so we can at least try to keep up with what’s going on.

3.) Failing both of those options, rerun the game on TV, so at least we can see the game without overcoming your technical problems.

The Big Ten Network is doing a fantastic job of fucking up a perfectly good concept. Koudos, gentlemen. Koudos.


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