I have been trying, over the course of the last few years, to become interested in the NBA. For years, and I’m talking nearly 20, the style of play in the NBA has been such that I have had 0.0 interest in watching any of the games.

The style of play has changed and improved greatly over the last few years. Less one on one, more team play, better defense. Just better basketball all the way around.

But I still couldn’t get interested in a team or a player enough to sit down and watch a game in it’s entirety.

The final piece to the puzzle seemed to be in place for me to truly grow an interest. There are now three IU players in the NBA poised to get serious playing time and give me someone to root for. Jared Jeffries, Eric Gordon and DJ White.

The Knick still suck in a big way, but with a new coach and a new approach it seemed the JJ was going to get a larger role in the offense. Until training camp began and he broke his leg. He’s out 6-8 weeks.

Eric Gordon has the chance, playing for the lowly Clippers to make a real contribution and be a break out player in his rookie season. Until training camp started and he landed on some one’s ankle and roled his ankle.

How often does that happen?

Every time.

He’s out a couple of weeks.

And then the coups de gras. DJ White is going to miss 4-6 MONTHS after a benign growth was discovered on his jaw. He has to have surgery, which will include taking a bone graft from his hip and attaching that bone to his face.

Now we’re down to 0.0 players ready to make an impact as the season begins and my interest in the NBA on hold for at least a little while longer.

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