This article was front page on this evening.

Midway through the article there is a link that says CNN Fact Check. If you click through that link CNN has done some investigative journalism to find out whether the charges leveled by Palin are accurate.

Correct me if I’m wrong Sandy, but shouldn’t the article read more like this.

Sarah Palin accused Barack Obama of having links to a terrorist. That is a false accusation. While it is true that this guy lived on his street when he was 8 years old, there is no evidence that Senator Obama has a current relationship with this person. She is making reference to this relationship. We talked to this person, who said this, this person who said that. She’s completely full of shit.

While I like the fact that CNN is bothering to do this type of fact checking and reporting the fact that the accusation is false, I abhor the fact that if you just read the headline and the first few paragraphs you wouldn’t know that this accusation is false.

If you really want to know the full story you have to click through to another story entirely.

The headline should read Palin makes false accusations abotu Obama and the article that follows should have one paragraph about what she said and a full page about why it’s false.

People can come to all kinds of ridiculous conclusions when they are only given the lie. Funny that.

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