I happened across this on digg this morning.

Aside from my general cringiness at the thought of the 4th amendment being effed in the A, here’s my problem with this.

I happened to see this piece on Countdown the other day, and this piece accurately describes what happened on the show.

And that’s all it does.

This isn’t reporting. It’s transcribing. David Edwards and Muriel Kane watched Countdown and wrote down what was on it. There is no other source material, no opinions given. They watched TV and wrote down what they saw.

And it took two of them to do it.

I have not read anything else on The Raw Story, but if this is typical of what is on there, and based on my tendency to make snap judgments after only one exposure to something, I assume that it is, then I can’t imagine going to this site learn anything.

And, as my last point of annoyance, I found it because it had been dugg by almost 1000 people.

I would like to recommend that our newly all-powerful government add the 1000 people who dugg this thing, and the two people who copied it down from the TV and begin wire tapping their phones without warrants, because they are clearly a danger, if not to others, certainly to themselves.

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