Some of you may not know this, and if so, I apologize for not having told you prior to this, but I have a Pope T-Shirt. It was purchased for me, and the rest of the faculty here at school from the money changers outside the Papal Mass in New York last month. It is without a doubt the greatest non-dude-related piece of clothing  I own.

Aside from its inherent awesomeness, it also serves as one of the greatest social experiments ever.

First, just by wearing a Pope T-Shirt you can get an instant read on people. You will get one of three reactions. 1.) The “isn’t that nice” look that my late grandmother would have given me, because it’s the Holy Father. 2.) Disgust because you are either being judged as a bible thumper, by the agnostics and atheists, or
as a Papist by the protestants, or 3) The proper reaction, which is the realization that there is nothing in the world more fantastic than  Popeshirt.

Second, this happened this morning.

I got up and put on my Pope Shirt to wear to school today for casual Friday. I was talking to Laura about the day upcoming and she was staring at my Popeshirt and not paying attention to what I was saying.

I said, “You’re looking at my Popeshirt aren’t you? Stop it.”

She looked up from the glory that I was wearing guiltily. We continued our discussion and less than a minute later she was back to staring at my Popeshirt.

I said, “Stop It!!” And I pulled my jacket closed.

A look of shocked realization spread across my face and I said, “Oh, My God! This is what it’s like being a woman!!!”

Thanks to the glory that is Popeshirt, I was able to experience first hand, without expensive prosthetics, or Marilyn Manson androgy-suit the experience of the opposite sex. And conversely, Laura got to experience the male perspective. Hopefully now she knows that we can’t help it either. Just as she could not avert her gaze from Popeshirt, men are equally without control.

If more people would wear Popeshirt there would be a greater understanding between the sexes.

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