Knowing full well that the analogy blows up if you follow it all the way to it’s conclusion*, but after watching DJ White Hulk up enough to body slam the 500 pound giant into the center of the ring against Michigan last night while EJ climbed to the top rope, raised both hands high above his head and dropped the flying elbow right on the Wolverines (OOH YEAH!), I’m convinced of just one thing. If there’s a better inside out combination in college basketball that EJ and DJ, I’ll eat my hat.

These guys just destroyed Michigan the other night, and if this kind of play continues, we’re going to run through most of the Big Ten with only a few hiccups. If this team could ever get healthy it would truly be a sight to see.

* To follow it all the way through the conclusion of this story would have to be EJ thinking that DJ made a move on his girl. EJ would get so pissed about the whole thing that during a key game EJ would be hurt and tired, and DJ would be calling hard for the ball, but EJ wouldn’t give it to him. This slight would cost us the game and eventually lead to the two of them playing 1 on 1 for a live and PPV audience.

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