Part two of writing about TV in the writer’s strike era. Now that the holidays are over the lack on new programming will start to become apparent. I’m here to request that we all exercise some discipline here. The networks are  preparing to heap upon us a gigantic helping of reality crap.

I’m sending out a personal plea to everyone, everywhere. Please don’t watch this shit. If the networks can continue to draw in viewers for this crap, they will be much less likely to end this thing. I would like to suggest the following rules.

1.) If you are regular viewer of a particular reality show, please continue your loyal viewership. For some crazy reason most of this country likes to watch American Idol. Knock yourselves out. I will not be joining you, but that will also be consistent with pre-strike behavior. I will continue to watch survivor.

2.) If you were interested in a reality show and would have watched it regardless of other scripted programming, go on and watch. I will be tuning into American Gladiators. That’s just TV gold no matter time nor place.

3.) Tune into the good shit that is on. This probably should have been #1 on the list. The Wire starts it’s last season tonight. This is probably the best show to ever be on television and it’s fixin’ to close up shop. Same can be said of Battlestar Gallactica. It’s lined up to start it’s last season come April.

4.) Read a book or something. Just stay away from contrived reality bullshit. Do us all a tremendous solid.

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