In 1984, Daryl Hall and John Oates wrote a song about me. I just didn’t know it was about me until yesterday. That song was Out of Touch. And the fact that I’m using Hall & Oates to segue into this post is proof that they are right.

I was reading Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of the 100 top songs of 2007. Go have a look at it yourself, see if you and I have anything in common. I have heard exactly 6 of these songs. I could hum parts of two of them. A shiney nickel to anyone who can figure out the six percent of this list I’ve heard of.

Then I went and read their top 50 albums of 2007. I was going to go count and give you an exact number on the ones I’d heard, and the ones I knew existed, but laziness and the fact that I have paused the start of the IU game to write this post have lead me to call upon the Packet Method. I’ve heard one of these albums and heard of 6 of them.

I read Rolling Stone for Christ sake and I don’t know anything about current music. I work in a school where kids talk about this kind of stuff all the time (though, if I were to base anything off these overheard conversations I’d be under the impression that Megadeth and Motorhead are huge right now. I also know one line from a Hannah Montana song, but it was changed by some 4th graders to make fun of another 4th grader, so I can’t even claim to know the real words to that song.)

End result. Dave Pirner thinks I’m as lame as Tabitha Stevens.

HA HA!!! That reference is only 14 years old. Not 24. I’m getting ten years cooler roughly every 12 minutes.

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