This morning as I was fixin’ to walk out the door at 7:00, The CBS Early Show came on. Their lead story, a story’s coverage that included at least two "experts" and lasted longer than the five minutes I was in the house before I left for work, was about Britney Spears losing custody of her kids.

I’ve come off my position that this type of stuff isn’t news, because clearly people care about it and, for some reason, want to know about it. There are entire programs and numerous website dedicated to celebrity news.

But here’s the problem. As there are a number of places to get this type of news coverage, and as there are about a thousand things of more import and more impact on the everyday lives of people, how can this possibly be the lead story on anything, but Extra or TMZ?

It’s not important to me whether Britney Spears raises her children or whether Kevin Federline does it. I’m sure they will be equally screwed up regardless of the outcome. The only reason I even remotely care is that if Britney has them we’ll only have to hear stories about one of these losers. This way K-Fed is back in the news and I find that objectionable.

So, I’m asking very politely of the network news divisions that set these types of priorities and the producers who put these pieces together. Make this a third hour story. Put it before or after the cooking segment, or around when the travel segment airs. Just please quit leading the broadcast with it.

It makes us all a little dumber. And a lot of us can’t afford to get any dumber.

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