So Michael Vick is going to plead guilty to this dogfighting mess. Here’s what I’ve learned from this whole thing, and I’ll wager it’s not the same thing you learned.

The maximum sentences for the things Vick, or Ookie, as he is referred to in the indictment, are as follows.

For Dogfighting
1 year in prison
$100,000 fine

For Interestate gambling
5 years in prison
$250,000 fine

That means that as a society, as indicated by the weight we have decided to place on different criminal offenses, we are FAR more offended by gambling than we are by fighting, hanging, and drowning animals.

I gotta say, I find that offensive. He tortured and killed animals and in order to add some meat to the case they needed the gambling charge.

And while I’m railing on gambling in sports. Daryl Strawberry, who has/had a severe drug addiction, which caused him and Dwight Gooden to be imprisoned and booted from baseball, got NUMEROUS chances to come back and give it another shot. Pete Rose gambled, and he’s banned for life.

We are ridiculous. These priorities are so far out of alignment, Riggs wouldn’t be able to pop them back in banging them against a wall.

So, please if you’re going to commit a crime, and I don’t recommend you commit one, you’re better off doing drugs or killing animals, than you are gambling.

Did I win my wager from the first paragraph?

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