This is the first, and quite possibly only time I’ve ever posted about the NBA. The fact that I even saw part of an NBA game should be as shocking to you as it is to me, but I just finished watching something amazing.

Cleveland just beat Detroit in Game 5 in Triple Overtime 109-107. Lebron James scored 48 points in the game. Impressive, but my big playoff game standards it’s good, not magnificent. But get this. He scored the last 25 points for Cleveland, spanning the end of regulation and all three overtimes. Get that? He was the only person on his team to score in all three overtimes.

He hit threes under pressure. He drove to the basket. He even got a steal. Outside of Detroit, I can’t imagine that there was any one in the country watching this performance who wasn’t rooting for him to get this win. I was. And the fact that I was rooting for anyone to do anything in an NBA game is astounding.

I haven’t seen a performance like this since Scott Howard wolfed out and carried Chubbs and the gang to the championship. The only thing Lebron didn’t do was steal the ball from his teammates. I’m out of words here. That was amazing.

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