This is for Adam.

I just read on John Scalzi’s blog, that yesterday 3/12/07 is the anniversary of the day Coke was first sold in bottles. I don’t have anything more to add about that. If you know Adam, you know why this is more important than Christmas.

Also, since Laura decided to get on and post to recommend some books (which, by the way I completely agree. Twilight and New Moon are really good reads.) I thought I’d take this time to back up Wil Wheaton on this one. I’m reading Old Man’s War by John Scalzi. It is really, really good. Well written Sci-Fi, interesting universe with an interesting problem. He does well to examine the questions that the characters face as they get involved in a completely foreign situation where they have only the vague-est notion of what is going on and why. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m completely hooked. He has also posted the first chapter of his most recent book on his blog, where intentional farting may set off a diplomatic incident. I haven’t read a word, but I’m already hooked.


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