Everyone knows my love of television, but this year I’ve turned a corner, dropping a number of shows I’ve decided I no longer cared about. So now is the time for me to tell you all. Shame on you if you aren’t watching these shows.

1) Veronica Mars:
    For anyone who misses is Buffy, this is next best thing. Smart dialogue, involved and interesting story telling, and the only season finale last year that actually made me horribly sad, and then overjoyed. Plus, I just watched an episode where Logan (Veronica’s on-again-off-again) is playing Mario Kart, bonus point. Plus, the writer’s make a concerted effort each episode to quote the Big Lebowski.

2) Battlestar Gallactica
    Without a doubt the best Sci-Fi since the fourth season of X-Files. And like any good Sci-Fi the show is about characters and tackles current issues, politics, religion, suicide bombings, and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. If you like Sci-Fi, it is unforgivable that you aren’t watching this. If you don’t, you should still be watching this show. It’s just great television.

3) Heroes
    Best new show of the season. A TON of characters (maybe a couple too many, but I’ll not complain) very cool premise, A TON of people who find they all have special powers, and their paths keep crossing as they either wittingly or unwittingly play a role in the destruction of New York City, and maybe the world. Each episode brings us closer to the explosive climax and provides new insights into why they developed these powers and how they are all connected. George Takei, whose liscence plate just happens to read NCC-1701. Bonus Points.

4) The Wire
    Not currently on. The fourth season just concluded a couple of months ago. This may be the best show that’s ever been on telelvision. Brutally realistic show about the drug game in Baltimore. Characters on both sides of the law that you legitimately care about. Characters that are so well written and acted that they are painfully real, in their aspirations, mistakes, and moments of real humor. Plus there has never been a character quite like Omar on television. I’ve never pulled so hard for a character who has done some of the truly brutal things that Omar has done. If you have Netflix or OnDemand do yourself a favor and start from the beginning of this show and don’t miss an episode. You won’t always feel good about what you see, but you won’t be sorry you saw it.


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