This may come as a terrific "I’m coming to join you, Elizabeth" sized shock to many of you, but sometimes I can be a little thick. There were two separate comments posted to this blog over the past month, one from "c_franz" the other from "m_pelkowski" I was confused by these comments as they had what appeared to be my cousins e-mail address. Most of you won’t know why I was such an r-tard in this instance, but if you know who I am, and who Chuck Franz and Magnus Pelkowski are, you’ll know why this was really stupid of me.

Anyway, Magnus requested that I post on the IU basketball team this season. That seems reasonable as I spend a lot of time thinking about that and I’m certainly not short on opinions.

IU plays Illinois tomorrow at home.  At this time last year, if IU had beaten the conference leader, pulling themselves in 2nd place only one game behind in the loss column and then lost on the road at Iowa I would have thrown up my hands, thinking "well, that figures." And followed that up with a feeling of dread about the next game.

Under the same circumstances this year, I fell pretty good. This is not a great team, but they are a good team, a team that can contend for the conference title, but not one likely to win it. Ohio State and Wisconsin are not likely to lose more than another game or so. We took care of Wisconsin at home, but lost to Ohio State on the road, and we don’t play either team again, so it’s a bit out of our hands at this point.

This team is very well coached. The play a style of basketball that is fun to watch, and more importantly is solid basketball. They rebound well from tough losses and the losses they have, with the exception of the Illinois game, have not played poorly. That game was just atrocious. All the losses have been close, and winning on the road in conference is always very difficult.

Tons more to say about IU basketball, but if I say it all today this will be the longest post in the history of blogging, so I’ll call it here. What do my other IU fans think? As I live in Illinois, where we don’t have real basketball, I don’t get to have this conversation as much as I’d like. Though on the plus side I run into WAAAYYYY fewer Kentucky fans, so that’s a huge plus.



  1. Go IU.
    I have to say, I miss Mike Davis. I really enjoyed the hybrid of College Basketball and Fat Albert.
    Seriously though, it’s like a breath of fresh air. The Bobby Knight era was so emotional that I always wondered when we’d get back to basketball. Davis was an extention of that to me. You couldn’t mention him without commenting on the legacy he inherited. All in all, I’m more optimistic about the program than I have been for a while now.

  2. thanks for the follow-up. just sitting here disappointed after the Purdue loss. I have to say that this rivalry seems to be rekindling. baby charlotte pelkowski cried a lot tonight, she hadn’t seen her daddy yell so much.

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