Last night I sat through about 3o minutes of Bowling for Columbine. I had seen this movie before, but it was interesting to see it again.

Re-watching just reinforced my belief that all of Michael Moore’s movies are about the same thing. Namely, Michael Moore. As an amusing side note, while my professor was setting up the clip, she must have said half a dozen times, "whether you like Michael Moore or not…" before one really out of touch woman in the front row said "who’s Michael Moore?" (I kind of wish I could honestly ask that question.)

My favorite part is when he accosts Dick Clark in his mini-van to imply that because a child-who-took-a-gun-to-school’s mom worked at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Dick Clark was somehow responsible for gun violence. I knew this kind of stuff was someone’s fault. I thought at first it was Marylin Manson, but Michael Moore told me it wasn’t. It’s good to know who to blame. I feel much better now.

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