This is the list of career scoring leaders for IU.

1.) Calbert Chaeney
2.) Steve Alford
3.) Don Schlundt
4.) A.J. Guyton
5.) Mike Woodson
6.) Alan Henderson
7.) Damon Bailey
8.) Kent Benson
9.) Eric Anderson
10.) Brian Evans
11.) Scott May
12.) Greg Graham

Do any of these names surprise you? One of the shocked the hell out of me, and it’s all part of what I call “The Strange Case of Old Man Anderson”

I have had this discussion a number of times, but Eric Anderson lives in a strange place in my IU memory. In my mind, he was there FOREVER. Upon much reflection I think the reason it seems he was there for so long is that he bridged two eras. He played with Joe Hillman and Alan Henderson.

The fact that he is number 9 on the all-time scoring list is amazing to me. Just look at who he played with. Numbers 1, 5, 6, and 12 on the list.

He was never the leading scorer in any of his four years. He was second twice, his sophomore and junior seasons, but his freshman year he was third and his senior year he was fifth.

He’s not in the top 50 single game scorers, the top 39 single season scorers, or the top 25 single Big Ten season scorers.

When you think of the 91-93 Hoosiers, I would bet that he is the fifth or sixth name that comes to mind behind Chaeney, Baily, Graham, Henderson, Graham, maybe even behind Reynolds, and Nover (He was in the movies for the love of Mike).

He completely blends in.

Which begs the question. Is Eric Anderson the most underrated Hoosier of all-time?

I can’t think of a single player who was more valuable who get less credit. Is there someone else? If so, please make the argument below.