Comparing Daniel Moore to Erik Suhr is an undersell. He reminds me much more or Tom Coverdale. He’s not as big, but he has the same sneaky speed and deliberate, but effective, dribble moves. He also walks with that same swagger that Coverdale had.

We got a lot of help from Northwestern State. They made more unforced turnovers than we’ve ever going to see again.

We’re not a good rebounding team. Yet.

I am going to be nervous a lot this year. I can’t count high enough to give you an accurate assessment of how many times I inhaled sharply in what I can only describe as “the same way I reacted whenever Todd Lindeman dribbled.”

We have more hustle than smarts right now. When we play as smart as we do hard we’re going to be a very solid team.

I was impressed with the play of both Jones and Dumes. Aside from youth, the biggest knock on Jones is that he’s so skinny Bluto and Popeye would fight for his affections.

Jobe’s footwork has me in constant fear that someone is going to emergency.

Devan Dumes gets his hair cut by Jamal Meeks, or so I assume.

I’m going to put the over/under for Harbaugh mentions this season at 1500.

Why is there an ad for WNIT on the floor? That’s just awful.

I did not hear four syllables, five claps once tonight. I’m proud of you guys.

And finally, the theme song for this game. Listen at your on risk. This song is pretty bad. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, bad.

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